Best Voltage Stabilizer For Refrigerator India 2023

If you are looking to buy the Voltage Stabilizer For Refrigerator? You are in the right place, I have done comprehensive research for you to save precious time.

And come up with the Best Voltage Stabilizer For Refrigerator, ac, washing machine, etc, since It was a little bit time-consuming yet I have created the best list for you.

Voltage transformation is a common problem, especially in India, and if you have electrical appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc.

Then low and high voltages can damage your home appliances. Most people do not even buy a stabilizer for refrigerators or other appliances.

As many refrigerators come with a built-in stabilizer, but you will need to add an external stabilizer to your refrigerator to protect it from voltage fluctuations.

In addition, electricity fluctuation can damage or malfunction the expensive appliances to solve this problem here comes the voltage stabilizer.

It is built with the latest technology and stringent quality control to protect all heavy appliances from significant voltage fluctuations.

This is the best solution for you to keep your household appliances safe, reliable and durable. The best thing about stabilizers is that they do not consume much energy.

There are many voltage stabilizers available in different ranges, choose carefully which can protect your expensive devices from the effects of electricity.

1. V-Guard VG 50 Voltage Stabilizer for Refrigerator

The purpose of the V-Guard VG50 voltage stabilizer is to protect your refrigerator from power cuts or voltage changes.

This Cherry Shade Fridge Stabilizer provides an attractive and useful extension to the upper surface of your cooler.

This is possible with any 300L fridge. The stabilizer is covered in a built-in hot over-burden insurance, which includes this and machines with high-temperature burnout.

This underlying element additionally contains a safety circuit assurance that flexibly closes the respective mechanism in the event of a frustration of the segment.

This voltage stabilizer for the refrigerator has a fairly robust frame, which protects the stabilizer’s circuit.

The ABS voltage of this voltage stabilizer for the refrigerator is with a smooth and smooth out design.

This makes the gadget simpler to keep and deal with. Weighing only 1.4 kg, this stabilizer is adequately lighted.

This stabilizer works obliviously to the loss of your vaccination by voltage variation or customary force reduction.

It has a continuous moratorium of 2 to 4 minutes which controls the force through the gadget. Purchased this stabilizer and the exhibition is truly momentous.

The brand likewise is very mainstream so the degree of trust is exceptionally reliable. Bought it with the refrigerator.


  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection
  • Fail-Safe Circuit Protection
  • Warranty – 5 years Built-
  • In Thermal Overload Protection ABS Cabinet
  • Sleek design and wide range of colors to suit elegant interiors.
  • Working Range (Input): 135V-280V
  • Time Delay: 2 – 4 minutes. Constant Delay
  • Cabinet Material: ABS

2. V-Guard VGSD 50 Supreme for Refrigerator

The second number stabilizer also from v guard but with different model it is also a good stabilizer for refrigerator.

As you know, a slight voltage change can damage the delicate parts of your expensive equipment, for example, their PCBs, show boards, and then some.

And this stabilizer guarantees a more reliable yield voltage to your refrigerator. However, nowadays there are many refrigerators with in-built stabilizers;

I found that this may not be enough during the vicious vaccination occasion, especially in stormy weather, when voltage, flow flooding, and changes occur quickly.

Short-circuit assurance circuits and even watchers may consume. Under these conditions, an external additional security gadget, for example, a V-Watch fills as the mainline/second line of protection.

Contrasting with gear expense, this additional hardware multiplies speculation as one-time protection.


  • Application: Single or Double Door Refrigerator up to 300 Litre (2 Ampier)
  • Working Range:130 – 290 V
  • Seven Segment Digital Display: Check input & output voltage on the digital screen
  • Virgin ABS Cabinet for superior durability
  • Specially designed packaging for the safe e-com delivery

3. Candes Voltage Stabilizer  for Refrigerator/Fridge

The third number voltage stabilizer for refrigerator/fridge is manufactured by Vedanta Electricals Private Limited. Ltd. and the item model number is C5090.

It has a steel cabinet which is not the same as the various stabilizers in this reach.

Simple to introduce and have a small body that can also make the room in a little area.

It is a 100% copper winding voltage stabilizer which is another acceptable element. It is with a 90-300V area that identifies it from various brands where the start is up to 120 or 130V.

It is an inexpensive and best stabilizer for refrigerators. It works in any place where the voltage is very low up to 90V.

It is a very silent stabilizer. Works best for refrigerators – Single Door / Double Door Up to 350 Litre (145L / 188L / 192L / 260L / 27LL / 300L / 324L / 335L / 3LL / OTHERS),

Top Class Quality Component -Stainless Steel (Anti Rust) Both Wall Mountable Feature with Cabinet Floor.


  • Works Best for Refrigerator – Single Door / Double Door Upto 350 Litres
  • 100% Copper Winding, Maximum Spike Current- 2A,
  • Wide Voltage Working Range – 90V to 300V
  • Stainless Steel (Anti Rust) Cabinet Wall Mountable,
  • Built-in surge protection,
  • Initial time-delay system,
  • Low and High voltage cut-off protections
  • Built-in Thermal Automatic Overload Protection with Auto cut-off

4. V-Guard Stabilizer VGSD 100 Supreme

The V-Guard VGSD 100 Supreme is stacked with amazing capabilities, for example, high voltage cut-off protection that ensures gadgets associated with dangerous voltage variants.

The built-in hot over-load protection highlight ensures the stabilizer as an aperture associated with high-temperature burnout, while the safeguard circuit insures force flexibly to the associated gear in the event of frustration.

It works remarkably, when the voltage favorably exceeds 260 volts, the stabilizer will provide 233 volts, which is very acceptable.

So if you are searching for a stabilizer for a refrigerator or fridge then this is a good product for your gadget at an affordable price you can go with it.


  • Application: Side By Side/ Double Door Refrigerator From 300 Liter To 600 Liter
  • Working Range: 130V To 290V
  • Warranty: 5 Year V Guard India Domestic Warranty
  • Capacity: 4 Ampier

5. Microtek EMR2013 Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Microtek India’s ‘commonly preferred’ and ‘commonly considered’ brands have sent an energy-generating range of programmed voltage stabilizers to predecessors in India.

These voltage stabilizers rely on power-sparing innovation and have a number of interesting highlights that empower them to deliver unbreakable quality and regular extra force in the elite during power cuts and voltage variants.

It has a wide range of stabilizers for some gadgets, for example, forced air systems. , TV, refrigerator and mainline.

Well, this is a good brand and as you know the owner of Microtek started this company for Indians to buy any gadget at the lowest price so just take advantage of this Indian brand go for it.


  • Digital Display; Auto Start;
  • Wall Mounted Design; Hassle-Free Service
  • Input Power Range: 130 V – 300 V;
  • Intelli microchip-based design
  • Used For Refrigerator; Low and high cut for protection
  • Model: EMR 2013;
  • This pack includes one Microtek EMR2013 130V-300V Digital Voltage Stabilizer (RED)
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 19 x 10.4 cm ; Weight: 2.2 Kg

6. MONITOR 4-KVA Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer

The 6th number voltage stabilizer especially I choose for you ac. This stabilizer is Manufacturer by Keerti Electronics and item model number is 4KVA.

The MONITOR AC 4-kVA voltage stabilizer is for split  AC 1.5 ton /inverter divider mountable voltage for stabilizer is acceptable and rigid.

You can get it because it has 100 percent copper wiring like the Metal Bureau which helps you control the voltage and makes the mixing item hard and productive.

Additionally, you will not have the option to find a stabilizer with collaboration wire in different brands.

The stabilizer Voltas works seamlessly with the 1.0-ton window AC and is equipped to take care of intensity reduction and voltage changes.

Work as indicated by item illustration. The stabilizer is conservative, lightweight, and can be mounted on dividers.

When mounted, the stabilizer sounds great and shows LED power input. This voltage stabilizer is very easy to install and you can buy it at an affordable is a worth it product to buy.


  • Suitable for 1 Air conditioner up to 1.5 Ton
  • 100% Copper Windings
  • Operating Voltage range (Input): 170-270 V
  • All India 5 – Year Replacement Warranty
  • In case of any product issues or service,

7. Aulten 4 KVA 150V-280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer

This is the last voltage stabilizer in my it is also for ac manufacturer of this stabilizer is AULTEN and the item model number is ALT 4K/150V.

This voltage stabilizer is ergonomically planned, which can increase the cooling range of your climate control system by giving the ideal force required to drive at peak performance levels.

Fluctuations with the work done by the college to prevent flooding, and possible and well light.

Similarly, there is an advanced presentation board, which shows the voltage in digits, as if it is easy to power.

The gadget can be placed on a divider near your AC unit. I take this stabilizer on my list because it has good reviews and it is available on your budget so if you are searching for a voltage stabilizer at an affordable price and good quality then you can go with it.


  • Working range: 150V to 280V,
  • Ensures optimal power supply to your AC for better cooling
  • Universally compatible with ACs of all brands and all types
  • Energy-efficient: cutting-edge technology provides high performance as well as power saving
  • Multi-functional digital display: denotes stabilized power output (V)
  • Wall mountable: an ergonomic and compact wall mounting design for easy installation

Important information

In case of warranty claims and after-sales service, just WhatsApp the Customer Care No. 9811597709.

This is a fully automatic voltage stabilizer for single phase application only, phase to phase / double phase connection not possible,

There is no manual switch or button to adjust the voltage, voltage regulation is controlled via an inbuilt microcontroller controlled by our proprietary embedded software.

Recommended for household domestic application only, not recommended for industrial or commercial application.

This is a relay type stabilizer that maintains standard output voltage between 200V to 240V +/- 5%.

What is Voltage Stabilizer For Refrigerator

A voltage stabilizer is a device that distributes consent voltages before reaching connected devices. This helps to protect the equipment or machine against the high voltage.

Mostly two types of voltage stabilizers are available in the market, either single or three-phase, required by type and capacity of the application.

In a single-phase supply the voltage from the stabilizer will be 220v or 230v and 380v or 400v to the three-phase supply.

But common types of voltage stabilizer are switchable stabilizer, automatic stabilizer, solid or static stabilizer.

How can I choose the right-sized stabilizer for home?

The size of the stabilizer is similar to the UPS or inverter, but you must know the load connected with the stabilizer before selecting the size.

You must note the voltage watt (or power) for all devices that will be connected to the stabilizer.

Once you have done, you will have a total of power consumption which will give you a load on the stabilizer in watts.

But most stabilizers come with a VA (volt-ampere) or kVA (kilo volt-ampere) size, which is equivalent to a 1000 volt-ampere.

However if you want the actual VA from Watts then you will have to do some measurements.

On the other hand, if you want a rough estimate, in such a case you can increase the watt value by 20% to get an approximate VA size.

Are there different single-phase and three-phase voltage stabilizers?

The answer is yes, the main difference is between a single-phase or three-phase stabilizer,

a single-phase stabilizer is used to supply power through a single conductor, while a three-phase is used to supply elasticity through three conductors..

All home appliances can work on a single-phase voltage stabilizer, and a three-phase voltage stabilizer may not be required for residential use.

It is highly recommended not to use a stabilizer for the entire house, this can lead you to more power consumption for 24 hours. Instead, it is used for a single specific device.

How To Choose Stabilizer For Refrigerator- Buying Guide

well, there are so many things to describe before buying a voltage stabilizer for home use. But here I am going to break down some of the important points that you should check while purchasing it.

Overload Protection

This is an essential feature in terms of voltage stabilizer, this features helps to protect the connected devices.

It automatically turns off the main stabilizer power output in case of a short circuit or power fluctuation.

In addition, there are several brands that provide stabilizers with 3-5 year warranty to protect the equipment and provide sufficient protection. Make sure to always choose a stabilizer for specific equipment.


Indicators give you a voltage alert whether high or low, it is specifically designed to indicate voltage cut-off.

Nowadays the stabilizer comes with an in-build LED indicator


Keeping the stabilizer in a safe place can be risk-free because the voltage stabilizer consumes electric power,

which is considered a high risk if you place the stabilizer in a wet area or ground floor.

Therefore you should check whether it has a mounting option. To protect the voltage stabilizer from damage or to protect your family, especially for young children.

On the other hand, keeping the voltage stabilizer at a high level not only protects from damage, it also protects your children from high electric shock.

Time-Delay Systems

Appliances such as air conditioners or refrigerators comes with inbuilt compressors that require sufficient time to stabilize the flow of electricity during power cuts.

In the wake of balancing the time flow, most of the company has designed the stabilizer with a time-delay function that enables time-lapse to save the compressor of the devices.


The new digital stabilizer optimizes various devices, plus it makes the stabilizer more accurate and reliable.

So you need to shift the stabilizer from one device to another in order to work properly.