Best 4K Smart TV Under Rs 50,000 in India 2024

Today, technology is advancing day by day and the prices of 4K smart TVs and HD quality TVs have gone down because new technology TV models are coming daily in the showrooms.

4K is the most advanced technology TV which is now coming into our budget. So, if you are looking to buy a 4K TV, then you are in the right place. Today, we will give you complete information on the Best 4K Smart TV under Rs 50000 in India and many more things related to that.

4K Smart TV was very costly when it came to the market but now if you want to switch from your old HD flat screen to a 4K Smart TV, you can do it easily because now 4K TV is affordable to buy.

A user will get amazing pixel quality in a 4k TV as compared to any other TV because of its brightness, contrast, and amazing color quality.

Users will get a 4K Smart TV with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is four times more than any normal HD TV which has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

That’s why we are recommending all the people to buy a 4K TV if they are planning to buy and invest a good amount on TV. If your budget is a bit low then you can go with a smaller size and the pixel will adjust and shrink perfectly to it.

Is 4K TV worth to buy in India?

We can clearly say Yes, because of some amazing features and picture quality of the TV. Let us discuss some more points about why we should buy 4K TVs in India.

  • 4k TV has four times more resolution than any HD TV, so you will get more sharpness and brightness in front of your eyes. You can view a small thing clearly on your 4K TV.
  • The pixel quality is far better than any other TV, you can view your TV from very close, and there will not be any difference you will get in the quality of the pixels.
  • The price of a 4K TV is quite low if we compare it to its past rates. So if you are investing for an HD TV then invest a bit more amount and buy a 4K TV.
  • With 4K TV, you can enjoy an amazing 3D picture quality experience. 4K TV uses a screen filter system to enhance a better experience.
  • You will get to view an amazing experience of 4K TV if you are a fan of technology-based or any action film because of its amazing pixels and the resolutions of 4K TV.

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Which is the Best, LED, LCD, OLED, or QLED?

To know which is the best TV for you, we will explain all the LED properly.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

This is the most commonly used TV which is available on many screens. LEDs stay behind the panel to make it a flatter TV. LEDs are colorful and bright and it doesn’t deliver a wide viewing angle. You will get brightness in LED TVs with low contrast

LCD (Light Crystal Display)

This is a Crystal based Display which uses quite less power than a plasma display. An LCD uses either a passive matrix or a am active matrix display.

The passive matrix has a grid of many conductors with the pixels. The active matrix has a thin film transistor display.  LCD especially comes in smaller sizes

OLED (Organic LED)

The panels of the OLED TV emits its light instead of backlights used by the other panels. OLEDs are the perfect option than LCD because if the panels are not producing any light then the screen of OLED appears to be black. OLEDs have fix sizes and are costly than LED TV.

QLED (Quantum-dot LED)

QLED is costly than all other TV and it mostly comes in Samsung TVs. The new thing in QLED TV is that there are quantum dots before the LED lightning and behind the LCD matrix. With the help of these quantum dots, the display becomes tremendous when light falls on it.

Now you can choose the best TV as per your need and budget.

Best 4K Smart TV under Rs 50000 in India

So, here is the list of best 4K Smart TV under Rs 50000 in India with full features and details.

1. Samsung (43 Inches) Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Samsung (43 Inches) Ultra HD LED Smart TV

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Samsung is a perfect choice to choose a 4K UHD TV with rich user experience. You can select the TV color matching to your wall painting with its Ambient mode.

You can fully operate the TV with voice control and get answers immediately. There is also a screen mirroring option that can help you to connect your phone to TV.

You can also use MS Word or documents on your TV with Office 365 and can also use the Music player easily. There is only one remote to control all the channels which makes it easier to get your favorite channel easily.

  • Resolution: 4k UHD, 3840 x 2160 pixels with a 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Supported apps: All web series apps are supported.
  • Connectivity: 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty for this 4K LED TV


  • Excellent Picture quality
  • Supports all the apps that show prime shows on their platform
  • The User Interface is very easy


  • Refresh Rate is only 60Hz

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2. Mi TV (55 Inches) Ultra HD Android LED TV

Mi TV (55 Inches) Ultra HD Android LED TV

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Mi is getting too much popularity all over the world because of its amazing features and pictures quality. You will get an amazing HDR experience and 20 Watt Dolby sound.

With the Patchfall feature, you will get all the trending collection of the apps on a single screen. You can watch the news with just a single click.

Users can use Google Assistant to control the TV and you can view 3 times more videos with the same data usage. There are multiple ports to connect which are 3 HDMI and 2 USB.

  • Internal Memory: 8GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM
  • Processor: 64-Bit power-efficient data processing
  • Apps: Google Play Store, All android apps
  • Warranty: 1-y
  • ear warranty and 1 year extra on panel


  • Amazing Dolby sound experience
  • Supporting all the android apps
  • Can view more videos with a limited amount of data


  • Not supporting Netflix and Amazon Prime

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3. LG (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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With this LG Smart 4K TV, you will get four times more than any HD TV. This TV has a quad-core processor that will remove all the external noise and all the low-quality images will scale up to sharper and more bright.

The HDR makes the quality of the images richer and there are HDR10 and HLG formats. Users can also connect Apple devices to the TV to enjoy live music, photos, and videos directly to your TV. You can increase your experience with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

  • Powerful sound configuration of 20 watts sound output.
  • 1-year warranty and 1 year extra for the panel.
  • This TV has 1.5 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage.
  • Can connect smart devices and can operate from a remote.


  • This TV has multiple HDR formats including HDR10 and HLG.
  • You can also connect your Apple devices to this TV.
  • You can connect any external hard drives to enjoy a great experience.


  • Sound quality should improve.
  • Refresh rate is only 50Hz.

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4. TCL (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

TCL (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

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This is a fully Ultra HD 4K LED TV that is providing amazing features to their users like Dolby Sound, True Color, HDR10, Micro Dimming, and many more.

With the AI Voice Interaction feature, a user can control all the TV functions by just speaking on the microphone of the remote.

They can even ask questions and set reminders of any occasion or any birthday. The AI picture engine enhances better contrast and brightness to an amazing experience.

With this TV, users can also operate other smart devices which they have used to make a smart home. This TV is also compatible with the Alexa technology through which you can easily control your TV with voice commands.

  • This TV has a 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.
  • There is a 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage.
  • You can run almost all the apps from Google Play Store on this TV
  • There is an 18-month warranty on this TV from the date of purchase.


  • You can operate all of your smart devices through this TV.
  • The Dolby audio will give you an amazing sound experience.
  • You can control all the functions with a voice command.


  • The remote of this TV is quite old fashioned.
  • It is a costly product as compared to other companies.

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5. Panasonic (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Panasonic (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD LED TV

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This Panasonic 55 inches 4K LED TV provides IPS super bright panel which helps to achieve a bright picture quality. Bright panels have solved the problem of low brightness.

HDR makes the picture quality more impressive, user will not get any difference in pixels if they come close to the TV. This TV has home theater built-in with its amazing speaker sound quality and robust bass.

User can easily connect their mobile to TV with its screen mirroring feature. There is also an HDMI port to connect your devices like a BD player and the new gaming machines.

  • Mali470 triple-core graphic processor
  • Powerful sound configuration
  • Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Bright picture quality in dark mode
  • 1-year warranty for this TV


  • The Home theater feature is amazing
  • Can add your favorite app and channel at a single place
  • You can enjoy new games by connecting it to the HDMI port.


  • Only Netflix app supporting

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6. TOSHIBA (50 inches) Vidaa OS Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

TOSHIBA (50 inches) Vidaa OS Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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Toshiba is a very trusted Japanese company that will give you an amazing experience of 4K LED TV. There are amazing color quality and HDR experience, users can enjoy.

Toshiba is providing Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and amazing and powerful sound experience. The design of this TV is very slim and you can control all the TV functions from your android phone.

The whole operating system is powered by VIDAA that helps you to run and control your TV faster and easily. The TV is Alexy built-in, so you can play your favorite Bollywood songs with just a voice command.

  • Dynamic mode for better picture quality
  • Screen mirroring allows you to connect your phone to TV.
  • Mali470 MP Graphic Processor
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty and 4-year panel warranty


  • Remote will work as per your voice command
  • Dolby Atmos sound is quite different from all other TVs.
  • You can adjust to any different colors to this TV


  • There is only 60 Hertz refresh rate

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7. Samsung (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Samsung (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

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With this Samsung 4K Smart LED TV, you can change the TV to your Laptop mode or can complete your documents files there with a bigger screen.

You can also change your TV to a music system in 3 color tones that will give you a different visual experience.

You can save your important mobile data to this TV with the Home Cloud feature which will also helpful in freeing up your mobile space.

A user can use their mobile content on their TV and can also use TV content on their mobile phone for a quite different experience.

There is a UHD processor which is giving the powerful picture quality to their users and also master sin HDR. With its HDR, you can view the smaller things very clear on this TV. You can control the whole TV with your voice because of its Google Assistant feature.

  • Can control all Amazon Alexa devices with its smart features.
  • 2 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal Storage
  • Dolby Sound Configuration


  • Most of the Google Play Store apps are supported
  • You can place all of your favorite content into a single place.
  • 4K Ultra HD format which makes picture quality awesome.


  • Contrast level should improve

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Buying Guide of 4K LED TV

There are some things that a user has to consider while buying a 4K LED TV. As new technologies are on the way and selecting the best 4K LED TV is quite a confusing task. This guide will help you to choose the best 4K LED TV, here are those things –

Size of the Screen

Before going to buy a 4K LED TV, you have to choose the size of the TV that will be perfect for you. As the size is measured as per the diagonals of TV, not by length or width.

Well, if you are buying a TV stand then buy it after measuring its size and today wall mounting is getting more popular because it doesn’t cover too much space and the main benefit of wall mounting is that there is no issue of the weight of the TV.


Resolution plays a very important role in buying a TV. A normal HD TV has a 1080pHD resolution and a 4K TV has 3840 pixels. So it is quite a better choice to buy a 4K Smart TV if there is no budget issue. You will not see a difference in pixels after coming close to the TV.


It is a very important thing that you have to consider while buying a 4K TV. Once you have seen the HDR quality on TV, you will never want to switch back again to SDR.

HDR makes the image quality brighter, high contrast, and even more bright colors. There are a lot of HDR qualities in 4K LED TV formats like HDR 10, Dolby version, and some other formats. You can choose the best one from that.

Refresh Rate

A refresh rate means how many images are appearing per second on the screen. It is necessary to check the refresh rate before buying a TV.

f you are a sports lover then, you should go with 120Hz speed which will give you a far better experience. There is a speed of  60Hz is common but for better experience, 120Hz is the best.


So, these are the best 4K Smart LED TV under Rs 50000 in India. Well, we have given the complete information and details of all the products and now which one is better for you, you have to decide this thing.

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