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An induction cooktop is an electric stove that gets heat with the help of charcoal but only if you put dishes on it, or else it automatically turns off.

You may ask why you should buy an induction cooktop. Let’s move into the past when it was used in the house for cooking food or meals.

people used to cook on the earthen stove but as you might know dangerous wood smoke is for health.

That may cause aggravate lung disease, trigger asthma attacks, and acute bronchitis, and it may also increase the risk of respiratory infections caused. burning wood smoke also improves environmental pollution.

Now the majority of people are using stove gas even after knowing the fire case and leaking gas hazard, that may happen by using a gas cylinder.

But The typical reason for not using the gas cylinder is a gas leakage issue from the cylinder or regulator.

But here is the thing if you are using an induction cooktop, then you don’t need to worry at all. 

Here I have described some points or advantages of why we should use induction cooktops. that will help you to pick the right induction cooktop for kitchen.

  • You can turn the fan on while cooking the food and feel as if you are in the living room not in the kitchen.
  • Needless to say regarding any fire accident case or slender blast.
  • Since it has an inbuilt sensor that automatically turns on and off, you won’t need to worry turn off and on.
  • you can secure your environment safe and pollution-free

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop


The well-recognized brand of Pigeon Favourite by Stovekraft comes with a solution to all your cooking-related needs.

It helps in effectively cooking your favorite dishes without making a mess

Key Features

  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product-related queries.
  • Push-button
  • Elegant and smart design
  • 7 Indian preset menu
  • Dual heat sensor
  • Automatic shut off
  • Warranty: 1 year on product


  • This allows you to cook your food items faster.
  • It also saves energy as menu features.
  • Compact Design for Additional Portability.
  • Built-in Indicators for Every Function.
  • You can use cookware with diameters up to 200mm.


  • You can not make roti without induction base roti Tawa.

2. Prestige 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push-button


The Prestige Induction Cook-Top offers quick and consistent heating at high efficiency.

Add to this its anti-magnetic wall, soft-touch buttons, durability, safety, and elegance to make cooking a pleasing and enjoyable experience.

Key Features

  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 1200W
  • Troubleshooting guidelines: Works only with Induction base cookware- bottom diameter between 12cm-26cm
  • Type of Control Panel – Push button
  • Great Features – i)Indian Menu Options ii) Aerodynamic cooling system iii) Automatic voltage regulator, saves power
  • Includes: Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Product Dimensions: 38cm(Length)x26cm(Width)x6cm(Height) Weight: 2.2kg .


  • Indian menu options that help you prepare authentic Indian food.
  • This cooktop has an anti-magnetic wall.
  • Inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulator.
  • The surface is flat and smooth cleaning is quick and hassle-free.


  • The packaging is the worst.

3. Usha Cook Joy 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop


Usha induction cooktop is a super handy kitchen appliance used for cooking food in an easy and hassle-free manner.

These state-of-the-art, technologically advanced induction cooktops are not only sleek and good to look at but easy to clean too.

Key Features

  • Resistant to voltage fluctuation up to 1500 volts
  • Power saving intelligence, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Pan sensor technology Manual setting to customize the cooking
  • 10 Amp Plug with earthing for safety.
  • Extra-long cord. The flexible power cord of 1.2-meter length
  • 5 preset menu options
  • Power consumption-1600 W. The voltage is 230 volts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1600 watts


  • Auto switched to power saving mode to prevent overheating
  • Pan sensor technology – operates only when Cookware is placed on
  • 5 Pre-set menu with additional manual control
  • Safety device for protection against voltage fluctuation up to 1500 Volts
  • 10 Amp Plug with earthing for safety.


  • It has no touch panel.

4. Bajaj Majesty 1400-Watt Induction Cooker


With the Bajaj Majesty 1400-watt induction cooker, you can explore a variety of cooking options. It is stylishly designed, durable, and easy to maintain.

Key Features

  • Warranty: 1 year on product, Power ON/OFF switch
  • Power: 1400 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts
  • Includes: Induction Cooktop, Manual, Customer Care List and Guarantee Card
  • Customer Service Number: 18001025963
  • Energy-saving due to quick & efficient heating
  • Flat clean elegant cooktop in unpolished glass
  • Variable temperature selection, Variable time selection Variable power selection.


  • The energy-saving induction cooker consumes only 1400 Watts.
  • LED display for easy operations.
  • Tactile switches are reliable and durable.
  • You can do boiling, heating, and cooking.


  • You can only use a steel base Not aluminum.

5. Inalsa Magnum 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop


Cook your favorite dishes with ease using the Inalsa Induction Cooktop that is essential in your kitchen. The induction cooktop is an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Smartify Your Cooking – Magnum with 1800 watts of power ensures quick food making with electromagnetic induction technology,
  • it produces heat directly in the Iron cookware. It can cook twice as fast as other cooktops, saving you money on electric bills
  • Save Time With Built-In Menus –Enjoy the freedom of the Automatic Cooking Menu, powered by custom one-touch buttons.
  • Take The Control In Your Hands-Select the optimum heat mode or temperature mode set the timer on the easily recognizable touch panel and you can start your cooking.
  • Make a quick selection of the desired setting with a sensitive touch button
  • Innovative Digital Display – Equipped with interactive 4-digit display, large digital panel, timer, and smart push-button settings.


  • The performance and quality of the product are awesome.
  • Make a quick selection of the desired setting with a sensitive touch button.
  • cooktop makes meal prepping or heating well.
  • The cleanness can be achieved with ease.
  • A voltage regulator takes care of high/low voltage.


  • No aluminum is not suitable for induction.

Consider Before Buying The Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Watt Power

People prefer to buy the cooktop which has high watt power so that you can cook food essays and fast.

But you don’t need to do that I would recommend you go with 1500 to 1800 watt power induction.

it will consume less electrical power than others and save your electricity bill, even cook well and fast with this watts induction cooktop.

With power saver technology, the cooktop has to be energy efficient. The wastage of energy or heat is minimal as the product offers even heating.

Here are the points mentioned that you have to thoroughly go through before going to buy the best induction cooktop in India.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

The built-in automatic voltage regulator takes care of high and low voltage fluctuations to improve safety.

It also ensures that the load is taken by the appliance gradually for durability and performance.

Protected And Safe Features

This is another major part to consider for safety objectives. Auto-Shut Off feature with Timer control switches off induction when cooking is complete.

Overheat Protection which protects the induction during excessive use or overheating. The flameless cooking method provides a safe environment.

Portability of the Cooktop

Depending on the choice of the users, A portable induction cooktop is very convenient for the user to take the appliance anywhere they want.

Whether you are planning to cook in your home or outside, a portable cooktop makes it easy to carry the appliance anywhere. if you have a plan for a picnic or party.

Auto Timer Features

The auto timer helps to make everyday life in the kitchen more relaxed. For example, depending on the cooktop models.

You can set the duration for your cooking zones separately so that they switch off automatically or you can use the minute minder independently of the cooktop functions.


This is a very important thing to check, cooktop has to be high-grade electrical support that protects against short circuits. And does not affect the top plate making it very durable.


Must choose a product with a warranty and genuine customer service. so that one can exchange or repair it easily.

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