Best Kitchen Sink For Home India 2023

The kitchen is called the heart of your home, and keeping your kitchen cleanliness-free should be your first priority. So why not buy a kitchen sink which can be cleaned easily and maintain your kitchen every day.

You already know that kitchen sinks are used for many tasks such as washing vegetables, washing hands, and washing dishes.

Do you agree? Washing dishes is one of the most tedious tasks in the kitchen. it takes a lot of time and effort. A kitchen sink is an important component as we think.

Size, weight, and material are to be considered. Another thing that you have to think about the installation process because it takes a lot of time to install undercurrent or wall-mounted.

On the other hand, drop-in or apron sync is easy to install. Always choose the kitchen sink according to your requirement.

The best kitchen sink gives you a good vibe to maintain food hygiene and speed up the cooking process.

If you are looking to buy a sink for your kitchen but don’t know. What is the best material? What type of sink is fit for your kitchen?

And what to look for while purchasing. Don’t worry, I’ve researched and created a buying guide. Eventually, you will get to know what feature is available in the kitchen sink when purchasing.

1. CROCODILE CR-13 Kitchen sink

CROCODILE CR-13 Kitchen sink

The first number kitchen which I have taken is manufactured by KRISHNA CUTLERY WORKS. This is a made in India product and made of 304-grade stainless steel.

This item comes in many different sizes you can choose as per your requirement. It is a heavy sink with 9 kg weight.

Crocodile cr-13 sink comes with great quality and noise-canceling layer. The built quality is very sturdy and solid, with well-polished finishing.

This kitchen sing is spacious, in this sink you can accommodate utensils easily. So if you are looking for good looking and spacious sink then you can go with this sink.

  • Good Material and built quality
  • Sturdy and. heavy
  • Classy sink for the kitchen
  • Steel is thick & it’s ok in quality

2. 10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

If you are washing utensils or your hands on the sink in the kitchen and if you are using the kitchen lots of time in a day then it’s important to find a sink that is everlasting.

If you are finding a durable sink then 10x  can be best for you. the built quality of this sink is very standard, it has a design which is handling the toughest dirt and looks beautiful.

It comes with noise-canceling layer rubbers that absorb vibration and reduce noise. This sink has many quality controllers that provide physically and spiritually comfortable

  • Superb quality
  • No sound no irritation
  • Strong & Elelegant Product
  • The product must be checked at your end before deliver

3. CROCODILE 304 Grade Stainless Steel Sink

CROCODILE 304 Grade Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

The 3rd number of sink is Crocodile single bowl sink. If this is your first time then you will found a good product on a single purchase. 

This sink is very sturdy and the noise cancelation works very well.  With this sink, you will get impressive packaging and value of the sink.

It is a very spacious sink and finished with glossy for Shiney looks. Well, this is a made in India product so you will get this product is bad in a very lower case.

overall the products from this brand are all good so no need to worry you can go with it.

  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Excellent Packaging, Quality of Finish is superlative!
  • Good quality product
  • Cool buy

4. SILVER LINE Low Radius Double Bowl Sink For Kitchen

SILVER LINE Low Radius Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The 4th number of sink is manufactured by PRESS WELL STEELS PRIVATE LIMITED and the item model number is 9004B. 

The sink is a primary attraction of your kitchen so always choose a sink for a kitchen that has a combination of style and efficiency.

This sink is suitable for all kinds of solid surfaces such as granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete.

It is a well-finished sink for your kitchen looks. This sink youuu will get in  93.98 x 45.72 x 22.86 cm; 17.6 Kilograms dimension.

You will get this product in good packaging so please check the product before paying and always give order with cash on delivery.

  • Genuine product
  • Nice value for money
  • Double Bowl Sink
  • Delivery issue

5. Nirali kitchen sink

Nirali kitchen sink

The fifth number of kitchen sink is manufactured by Nirali and the model number is nirali24x18. Nirali got the best seller rank #58,703 in Home Improvement.

The Nirali is an Indian company that commits quality is the priority on households. Nirali has a range of designer kitchen sink from a classic design to modern design. 

This sink comes with glossy stainless steel it gives you shiny looks. The bowl size of this sink is 24’’18’’9.

Well, Nirali is a good brand for the sink, if you want to buy a sink for the kitchen then go with these brands no matter which design you will choose.

  • One of the best brands in India
  • Overall it is a good brand

Types of kitchen sink:

Kitchen sinks should be your first choice in terms of kitchen interior and design, there are many types of sinks that will blow your mind.

So let me narrow down some of the best types of sinks that are highly demand in the online market.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is basically used to keep your kitchen clean and it is a good option to the last longer until you replace it.

You can find many designs and shapes such as a single bowl, double bowl, triple bowl tray, and corner sink.

This stainless steel sink has its own consent, it comes with standard size and you must measure the size of your kitchen cabinet before ordering.

And secondly, it makes very little noise when washing dishes or pouring water in the sink.

The good thing is, it comes with a silent option. Which does not make noise while washing dishes. You should check the product details or just ask the seller before purchasing it.

Quartz Sink:

This quartz sink is made with hard natural stone material, which is likely to be transparent and can be called colorless.

The quartz sink is made using a mineral or choroid quartz combination, giving you a strong and beautiful design.

It helps to clean your sink easily, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and is also referred to as an alternative to your kitchen sink.

There are many colors available in this quartz sink eg: black, white, ivory, gray. Which is mostly mature with the kitchen interior design.

The quartz sink is slightly more expensive than the stainless steel sink, but it is very easy to wash without much effort.

Over-mount sink:

This sink can be seen in every Indian kitchen and is also known as a self-rimming sink. On the mounted sink, it has a ridge that helps you to apply it easily and fits for your kitchen countertop.

there is one thing that you must to know, the over-mount sink is fixed by using silicon around the edge.

which can lose its look and design, and after a couple of months, you may need it to get changed.

But it helps to water leaking problem. But make sure always check the available option before purchasing,

Under-mount sink:

The under-mount sink is originally installed under the countertop, it is installed from above, meaning there is no chance of food debris stuck in the middle.

It also gives a more attractive look. And furthermore, the under-mount sink is very easy to clean, as it has no space between the surface and the sink where the normally grime is found.

Kitchen sink on the trend in 2023

The mostly owners of the houses are opting for the large single-basin kitchen sink instead of a double bowl sink to make the kitchen heavy pots washing.

If you can afford some extra expensive then there are some sliding lids kitchen sink available in the market that gives you dual benefits of hiding the sink bowl filled with utensils.

And gives you an extra workplace for your kitchen. and after the end of the kitchen works you can easily open the slider and wash the dishes.

color is also on the trend in 2020-21 mostly house owners are designing their kitchen in black and white or any dual color so they are choosing the kitchen sink according to their kitchen interior color.

The white color kitchen continues on trending so you can decorate your kitchen with white color and choose a black shiny sink for the kitchen.

Because black sinks have low maintenance. the dirt will be not visible on the sink easily and they are easy to clean.

What kind of kitchen sink is best for the kitchen?

this is the most askable question in India. The answer is the best sink for any kitchen is which fits on your kitchen space and fits on your budget with your household income.

So don’t get nervous about choosing a kitchen sink because it is your decision which sink is best for your kitchen according to your budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you pay a certain amount of money for a sink, but eventually found that the sink is not worth it.

I think the creator is not as important as the content, right. Here I have described some important points that will help you find the right one for your kitchen.

Kitchen sink Sizes:

The sink size is the most important criterion that you need to consider before purchasing, you will need to check the sinking comfort for your kitchen cabinet.

There are many types of sinks available that fit only in pre-cut cabinets. You must have the correct measurement size of the sink cabinet for easy installation.

The ideal size for a sink is 22 by 33 inches, while if you have a larger sink than the ideal size.

Then you need to measure the department. Reduce cabinet height and width, and 2 to 3 inches from each side

Shape and design

There are many sizes and designs of kitchen sinks available in the market. But mostly rectangular or square designs are used in Indian homes.

As manufacturers are improving the sink size and unique design every day. So let me put forward some latest trending sinks which are oval, round, double bowl, Blanco silgranet, dual mount, e-granite, and triangular sink.


As far as durability you have many options to choose from according to the interior and cabinet size of the home, but it mostly uses sinks, porcelain, and stainless steel.

It is designed to look classy and beautiful in the long run. I would suggest you go with the option of stainless steel as it is more durable than other options.

kitchen sink Material:

The quality of the material is an essential thing to consider, what if you spend a certain amount of money to buy a kitchen sink,

But in the end, you spent too much on its maintenance. Or even you just replace it after using it for a year. Always invest one time that will last long.

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