Top 5 Best Wireless CCTV Camera For Home India 2024

If you are looking for Best Outdoor CCTV Camera for Home India then you are at the right spot. In this guide, you will get complete details and review about CCTV cameras for the security of your home, shop, office, etc.

In earlier times it used to be written in front of the house “Beware of dogs” but nowadays it is written, “You are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras”.

Today, it is very important that you have a CCTV camera in your home, office, or shop.

As you will all know theft has increased, and you must take care of the security of your home.

To make your work easy, you must install a CCTV camera in your house.

To make your work even easier, we have created this guide which by reading you will be able to choose the right CCTV camera for your home.

Points Of Installing CCTV Camera For Home Security

  • For homes and private high-rises
  • Guarantees the security of the home while ensuring the property
  • Distinguish thieves and unapproved people who increase unlawful passage into your property
  • Alert you about any unsuspicious movement in the region of the house or the high-rise
  • For workplaces and business foundations
  • Helps track the development of representatives by keeping tabs on them
  • Screens the workplace, particularly in gems shops and departmental stores where the workforce is enormous
  • Distinguish shoplifting clients
  • Distinguish pilferage of stock and its shrinkage
  • Helps clients appreciate a sheltered shopping experience
  • Screen the development of everything being equal and workers and help with recognizing dubious developments, particularly in huge swarmed places like marriage lobbies, gems shops, departmental stores
  • Fill in as a guard dog consistently, particularly during the occasions the foundation is shut for business
  • Open-air areas
  • Distinguish petty criminal offenses and help the police examine mishaps and different sorts of repulsive episodes on the streets
  • Dissuade dubious development in the city and in the region of delicate territories like banks, processing plant establishments, etc
  • Group checking in open regions that see a high volume of guests, for example, seashores, open parks, get-togethers, cricket arenas, etc
  • So, we can express that CCTV cameras are valuable to the law-authorizing specialists and help them keep up peace.

Best Outdoor CCTV Camera For Home List in India

1. Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Security Camera


Sricam CCTV camera models are one of the best ones accessible on the Indian market.

This camera is the ideal one to set up for your home since it is anything but difficult to introduce and easy to use.

You can control the camera through Wi-Fi from anywhere on the planet utilizing your smartphone or tablet by introducing a particular versatile application.

This CCTV camera has a place with the PTZ classification. You can set up this camera anywhere.

Keep it on the kitchen or drawing room rack or even balance it as an afterthought divider or the roof with the help of divider mounting sections.

This camera comes outfitted with an inbuilt microphone to empower you to tune in to what’s going on in the room.

Subsequently, it is ideal to screen defenseless individuals like your youngsters or the older folks in the house.

The camera conveys 720p high-goal pictures to help you see the objectives. The 355-degree tilting highlight empowers this camera to cover however much zone as could be expected.

Key Feature

  • Slide the finger on the screen to rotate the camera
  • Will send you alarm when some motion is detected ;
  • Two-way audio: Built-in Mic and speaker.
  • Supports two-way audio,
  • Easily communication; Noise Suppression: Yes, by dedicated onboard chipset
  • Rotate camera: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically
  • IR night vision: See in the dark also with the help of an inbuilt IR lens
  • 2-way audio and SD card slot: Talk to another side of the camera with the help of inbuilt microphone and speaker.
  •  It supports up to 128 GB capacity Card

2. Wireless WiFi CCTV Camera For Home Security


ThinkValue is another presumed brand of CCTV camera that accompanies energizing highlights.

The USP of this CCTV camera is the simplicity with which you can set it up and begin seeing the procedures.

It accompanies a quick Wi-Fi setup usefulness that empowers you to introduce and screen the camera through a particular portable application on your smartphone or tablet.

You can likewise get to the camera from remote areas along these lines guaranteeing that your friends and family are consistently before your eyes.

The in-assembled turning engine permits you to pivot the camera and grow the FOV from anywhere on the planet utilizing your portable application.

This camera comes furnished with SD card spaces whereby you can without much of a stretch record the procedures. The camera bolsters up to 128GB SD card memory.

You have two choices to record. One is the 24X7 chronicle though the other one is the Alarm recording that starts recording just when the camera identifies movement.

This camera has IR night vision capacity whereby it can screen questions inside 16 feet much under black as night conditions.

Speaking with your friends and family and pets is additionally conceivable due to the in-assembled microphone.

The 720p goals and broad unique range highlights guarantee that the pictures are of high caliber.

The double engine configuration empowers the camera to catch a 355-degree even and 120-degree vertical view.

Key Features

  • Cloud recording: Keep recordings safe on the FTP server even if the camera is stolen/broken,
  • Supports multiple platforms – Android, IOS, Windows PC
  • Simple and easy Wi-Fi setup:
  • Quick Wi-Fi setup (Does not support 5G Wi-Fi network)
  • Via iOS or Android Smartphone using the supplied app
  • Crisp and clear video every time,
  • Inbuilt Motion Detection Alarm via E-Mail,
  • upload alarm snapshot to FTP, P2P Wi-Fi connection
  • Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi

3. Full HD WiFi Wireless IP Home Security Camera CCTV


The D3D remote camera qualifies being cast a ballot as the best surveillance camera framework on the planet.

The cloud recording highlights guard the chronicles on the FTP server regardless of whether the camera is taken or broken.

This usefulness isolates the D3D camera from the others and makes it the most loved indoor camera framework in the business.

Controlling the camera from remote areas is simple as the specific versatile application permits you to screen procedures from anywhere.

You can alter the turn of the camera on a level plane and vertically to get a total perspective on the encompassing.

The in-manufactured IR focal point empowers night vision whereby the camera records occasions even in dull conditions.

The Motion Detection highlights caution you through your smartphone and email if it detects any unnatural development.

The camera comes furnished with a 2-way Audio and SD card opening to empower you to have video visits with your friends and family.

The built-in microphone and speaker record the procedures and store them on the FTP server. This component forestalls the requirement for a DVR or a PC to spare pictures.

Key Features

  • Stunning video quality with an auto-enhance feature for a crisp & clear image.
  • Support all iOS & Android mobile phones.
  • Easy to use mobile application for live access & camera pan/tilt control.
  • Support PC view for large screen display.
  • Built-in mic and speaker allow users to make direct free WIFI calls with family.
  • Use a Mobile App to secretly listen and monitor voices using a camera mic.
  • Support up to 128 GB SD card to record all videos & images.
  • Advanced video compressed technology to optimize storage space.
  • Save up to 75% more than ordinary cameras.
  • Motion sensor to send alerts on the mobile app.
  • Inbuilt IR LED for crisp & clear night view even in the dark. 

4. WiFi Wireless IP Camera CCTV Security


Sricam CCTV Camera is one of the most preferred security framework cameras in India as a result of its energizing highlights.

This CCTV camera is equipped for catching pictures with outright lucidity at FHD 1080p. Thus, you can see your objectives.

The PTZ highlight guarantees that the camera covers however much region as could reasonably be expected.

Utilizing the remote controlling application, you can dish and tilt the camera up to 355 degrees on a level plane and 100 degrees vertically.

The particular versatile application permits you to see the camera accounts from anywhere on the planet.

The IR night vision usefulness guarantees that the camera records occasions in complete obscurity too.

The nearness of the built-in microphone empowers you to speak with your friends and family from anywhere.

You can likewise tune in to the sound. It is a precious element that permits older folks and youngsters to chat with you if there should be an occurrence of an issue.

You can set up the movement identification around the evening time. It will alarm you on your smartphone and email if there is an unnatural movement in the fringe of the camera.

Introducing the versatile application to control the camera is simple. You have to download the application, ‘Sricam’ from the application store, and pair your smartphone with the application.

The best part of this application is that different clients can interface with the application and use it at the same time.

Key Features

  • 1080P Full HD with 355 degrees horizontal & 100-degree vertical rotation
  • 360-degree coverage would protect your baby, pet, elder, and nanny full day.
  • Dog camera equipped with the best night vision
  • Easy Installation: Download the Sricam App, Register, and log in-app.
  • Enter your router Wifi password and configure the camera with wifi.
  • Watch live video on your phone from anywhere in the world
  • Even if you are thousands of miles away.
  • This wireless IP camera has a built-in speaker and microphone
  • Two-way communication with your kids or pets, or even scare away the intruder from your mobile devices remotely.
  • This camera supports up to 128GB SD card.
  • 32GB SD card can record up to 3 days of recording 24×7 in 1080p
  • Motion Detection and Night Vision:
  • This wifi IP camera would enlarge the security circle of your house.

5 . Day and Night Fixed Bullet Camera with 30M of IR Range


We have seen five CCTV cameras that are ideal for indoor use. Here is a camera that is fit for open-air use.

D-Link is one of the rumored CCTV camera makers today. The USP of D-Link cameras is the utility and execution of the most elevated request.

The D-Link Marvel Day and Night DCS-F1712 CCTV camera catches full HD 1080p pictures.

This camera accompanies an IR scope of 30 meters making it the ideal camera to have outside.

The D-Link camera is a fixed projectile sort camera that can concentrate on a specific zone constantly.

It is, in this manner, an ideal application to need to concentrate on regions prone to robbery and pilferage.

Concentrating this Outdoor CCTV Camera on the door empowers huge high rises to oversee who is entering and leaving the complex 24X7.

This camera underpins a changed scope of yield, for example, AHD, TVI, CVI, and CVBS. It accompanies a video transmission scope of 300m.

The 3.6 mm focal point makes it a wide-edge focal point equipped for catching pictures spread out over an immense region.

Key Features

  • 1/2.7-inch Scan CMOS, Full HD 1080P
  • Support AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ CVBS Output
  • IR Range 30m
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • Support AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ CVBS Output (OSD)
  • Video Transmission 300m
  • 2D DNR, DWR, ICR
  • Full Metal Body, Full HD 1080p, IP66 Weatherproof

What Is My Opinion

These are our picks for the best CCTV/Security cameras for the home in India that you can purchase on the web. These frameworks are solid.

They have novel abilities that can help you with your particular necessities like indoor or open-air use, versatile help, night vision, and so forth.

What’s more, passing by the security needs, you can pick any of them absent a lot of objects.

Type Of CCTV Camera Is Best For Home India

There are so many different types of CCTV cameras available in the market, there are now a variety of solutions for every industry. 

As a result of this huge range, it can be difficult to choose which CCTV camera is right for you and can fulfill your needs.

Are you wondering which CCTV camera to buy for your home/business assumptions? I’ve listed all types of each of the different types of CCTV systems below. Select the one that is fit for purpose and provides the level of security you require, to safeguard your property and staff.

List The Type Of CCTV Camera Is Best For Home

  • Dome CCTV Cameras
  • Bullet CCTV Cameras
  • C-Mount CCTV Cameras
  • PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • Day/Night CCTV Cameras
  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras
  • Network/IP CCTV Cameras
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras

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