Best Coffee Table In India 2024

If you love decorating your home and looking for a budget-friendly coffee table for the living room. Here I have picked some of the top 5 best coffee table for living room in India with the latest update | Available On Amazon | Buy Now On Amazon

Coffee Table for Living Room

The living room is the environment of your house where you spend most of the day. Don’t you think it must be fully designed with furniture?

And when it comes to designing a room, here comes coffee table adds a little more attractive look and luxury feel to the whole room.

Every house must have a coffee table, which solves the space-saving problem as Also having additional drawers in the coffee table allows you to keep lots of things in it.

Different types of coffee table designs are being used at home in India, Including the. Glass is one of the best-used tables. Having a good coffee table can make a difference in your home. 

You might know the center point of the house and without having anything in the center point looks house is incomplete, which impacts your house’s very bad impression in front of collogue and friends.

How To Select The Best Unique Coffee Table For Living Room

When it comes to looking for a Best coffee table set. We usually spend a lot to find the best one. We look for a table that is not only functional but also stylish and matchable for the rest of the space.

If you are wondering, how much it is going to take space in your home then I want you to make sure that it only fits into a small space and makes your home attractive.

Well! Tables are designed to be kept next to the sofa so that some small items to be placed while sitting on the sofa. Some of the cases like the party and festival plates or food may be placed on the table.

Coffee tables are usually placed in the sitting room or leaving the room, there are many tables available with different verity and prices.

Coffee tables may also incorporate cabinets or drovers for storage. The most common constriction of the coffee table is out of wood, metal, glass, and lather tables also popular.

 Typically stainless steel or aluminum are also used for coffee table.

When it comes to buying a good quality coffee table design, honestly it’s very important to use items that are the right size.

Most people decorate their bedroom, dining room, living room, or even bathroom. Trustfully they always forget to pick a good product for where there they spend most time whether it’s morning or evening.

1. Durian Glade Coffee Table (Clear Glass)


These coffee table designs are made of engineered wood finished with Sonoma paper, which helps it to give the curled base its warm persona.

Set firmly on the base is 8mm of full-tempered glass for a solid tabletop.

Best Features

  •  Product Dimensions: Length (119.5 cm), Width (64.5 cm), Height (46 cm)
  • Primary Material: Tempered Glass
  • Color: Clear Glass, Style: Contemporary
  • Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller
  • Glass coffee table
  • 8mm glass top

2. Corazzin Wood Rectangle Wooden Coffee Table

Top 5 Best Coffee Table For Living Room In India


Corazzin WoodIs A Well Known as a famous brand in the furniture category. it is the very best coffee table design because of its height and weight.

it can be used for the living room and bedroom as also has a rack and would be easy to keep anything in it.

Best Features

  •  Product Dimensions: Length 96CM ), Width (56CM), Height (36CM )
  • Primary Material: Sheesham Wood | Secondary Material: Solid Wood
  • Reliable and durable Indian Authentic Handicrafts With Antique Rural Artwork Handcrafted and handpainted By Artisans In India
  • Corazzin Wood Uses Wood That Is Harvested From Renewable Sources In The Country. Each Piece Is Unique As It Is Individually Hand Crafted By Skilled Master Craftsmen.

3. Bluewud Osnale Table (Wenge, Rectangular)

Best Coffee Table For Living Room In India


Bluewud Osnale has a rustic and natural style, it can provide you with plenty of space for your decorating needs.

Its engineered wood makes a statement in your living space

Best Features

  •  Product Dimensions: Length ( 98.9Cm / 39Inch) Breadth ( 53.9Cm / 21.2 Inch) Height( 41Cm / 16.1Inch).
  • Product Material: Particle Board (Made of premium high-grade prelim engineering wood with a natural wood grain finish.)
  • Product Color: Wenge, Product Style: Modern & Contemporary, Product Weight: 9 Kgs.

4. DeckUp Siena Matte Finish

Modern Designed Coffee Table For Living Room In India


CENTO Coffee Table modern finish table. it is an Up-to-date modern look with a nod to craftsman styling, the CENTO Coffee table is effective at its best.

Deck up designs manufacture and market a range of innovative and contemporary furniture and home decor products. 

Best Features

  •  Product dimensions: length (35.4 inches), width (16 inches), height (15 inches
  • Primary material: engineered wood with laminate
  • Colour: dark wenge, Finish: matte finish, style: contemporary.

5. ComfyBean Cupido Center Table Engineered Wood


we believe that buying furniture should be very easy. It should be comfortable, durable, manageable, and with a lot of options.

The furniture we recommend you is thoughtfully designed products, that fit in your space thereby making your life easier.

Best Features

  •  Product Dimensions: Length ( 36.6 inches ), Width ( 17.7 inches ), Height ( 13.4 inches ). Legs are separately provided to provide extra height.
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood, Particle Board – Board Thickness: 18 MM ( Thick Board ) – Colour: Dark Wenge.
  • Comfy Guarantee: This product comes with 6 months of manufacturer warranty.

Unique Feature: Can be assembled very easily in minutes with the help of assembly instructions and videos provided.

Important Things You Must Know

The common mistake when selecting the best living room coffee table is, choosing one that’s too small for the available space. 

You want to keep it proportionate with the size of the sofa, A good rule is to make sure the coffee table is about 2/3 the length of the sofa height. 

Height is also key, you don’t want it to be higher than the seat of the sofa.

Distance and placement also have to be 18 inches is the ideal distance from the edge of your sofa for placing a coffee table. It’s best propping up your feet and also placing a drink.

Consider before going to buy the coffee table.

Before buying the coffee table, make up your mind about its purpose and functionality. If you have kids at home, go for rounded edges and avoid glass tops.

For displaying decor artifacts or magazines, go for one that has storage options.

In case you hang with your family or friends in the living room often, go for a center table that also has low-lying seating to make your room homely and comfortable.

For showcasing books and other accessories, a glass-top coffee table would be the best. The glass coffee table also gives you a floating visual appeal to the rug underneath or any attractive floor tiles.

This coffee table is perfect for an urban home with a light, pastel theme decor and walls. The rustic wood stand adds a classic touch to this rectangular coffee table.

Determine Your Style

Coffee tables are available in every style, make sure to find the best coffee table that compliments the style of your room.

Stylistically you may choose that— either fitting in with the style and shape of other items in the room or placing them. 

Determine the Shape

The right table shape for your space depends on many factors including the space available, the rest of your furniture, and your lifestyle. 

Measure Your Space

it is considered that the coffee table design height should be somewhat lower than the seat height of the sofa and chairs surrounding it. The length should be about two-thirds of the sofa length. 

Coffee table set designs with built-in seating

Ideal for a home that mixes modern lifestyle with traditional tastes, this coffee table is crafted in Sheesham wood.

This table would create a perfect spot for lounging with your loved ones with its built-in seating.

The deep colored wood would contrast beautifully with the decor of the home and the low-seating makes it look extremely homely and cozy. The table set can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Budget for the coffee table design online

Best tables might be dirt cheap or expensive for you when it comes to selecting the best and long-lasting design. Consider your budget and think about how important it is for your space.

If you expect it to get a lot of wear and tear it may be a good idea to err on the side of less expensive so you can replace it when necessary.

If not, you might want to purchase something classic that will stand the test of time as an investment piece.

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