Top 10 Best Affordable Gaming Chair In India 2024

If you are thinking about buying a gaming chair but you are not getting any good chair then do not worry. Here today I am going to tell you about the best gaming chair.

Together I have prepared a very good gaming chair buying guide, reading which you will not have any questions related to the gaming chair.

After reading this buying guide you will be able to buy one of the best gaming chairs present in India.

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Gaming Chair and why do you need this?

A good gaming chair is important for any PC gamer. First, it helps to keep you comfortable while you game. No one wants to be sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. Second, a gaming chair can help improve your posture while you play.

This is important because good posture helps reduce pain and prevent injuries. Third, a gaming chair can help improve your gaming performance. When you are comfortable and have good posture, you can focus more on your game and play at your best.

And Gaming Chair is not just for gamers, other people can also use it as such.

  • People who keep working in their office throughout the day can use them so that they do not have any problems doing their work.
  • People who stay at home and sit all day.
  • If there is pain in the back, he can also use it.
  • While playing the game

A gaming chair is a great addition to any gamer’s toolkit. Not only do they look great, but they also improve your posture and support your back while you play. Gaming chairs also come equipped with features like built-in speakers and vibration motors that add to your gaming experience. If you are serious about gaming, then a gaming chair is a must-have.

Lists Of Best Gaming Chairs in India

1. Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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The first gaming chair on our list is Green Soul Ergonomics, one of the best and first choices in the Indian gaming chair market.

This chair is available for about Rs 20,000, it has the best features out of thousands of gaming chairs in India, and it comes with captain-style seating, which makes it very comfortable while playing your favorite game.

The second reason is the material used in the green soul chair, it has premium leatherette over the seat and backrest. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance green soul has a well-known material that looks very similar to natural leather. As well as it has the finest ergonomics

Green Soul offers three different variants you can choose per your height. The seat is comfortable and nicely padded, even when sitting for an extended period. You get a 4-dimensional padded armrest that can be adjusted in 4 dimensions.


  • Upholstery
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Spine Support
  • Tech Specifications
  • Metal Frame
  • Item Weight 25 Kilogram

2. MSI MAG CH120 Gaming Chair

MSI MAG CH120 Gaming Chair

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The next chair on our list of best gaming chairs comes from the famous gaming brand MSI which I am sure you might already know. 

MSI gaming chair comes with PVC leather material since it’s considered a durable material.  MSI gaming chair has a 4D armrest which makes it comfortable for sitting for a long time. Durable steel base that helps easily withstand the weight of about 150kg. 

As for the backrest, it can be relined up to 150 degrees. Also, have an adjustable back support cushion and a headrest cushion. Apart from that, MSI gives a year warranty. MSI gaming chairs are a good pick for ergonomics and comfort for long-hour usage.


  • Complete steel frame support
  • 180° fully reclinable backrest
  • 4D Multi-Adjustable Armrests and seat
  • Certified Class 4 Gas Lift piston
  • Ergonomic headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion

3. Green Soul Gaming Chair

Green Soul Monster Series Gaming Chair

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More breathable than a cowhide chair, the beast chair accompanies a breathable premium delicate texture that permits a wind current that gives a relaxed and open sitting position and keeps the air streaming.

You can modify every piece of the gaming chair to suit the sort and tallness of your body.

Incorporated metal casing, Class 4 water-driven cylinder of universal norms, and rock-solid gaming/computer chair base with smooth-moving casters make a tremendously stable structure.


  • Comfortable
  • Fully adjustable.
  • 4D armrest.
  • Arms and shoulder supports.
  • Knee support.
  • Back Support.
  • High-quality material.

4. Apex Crusader XI Best Gaming Chair

Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

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This is one of the best and most comfortable chairs. This is perfect for Professional or dedicated gamers.

This Chair from Apex Crusader XI comes with a very smooth coating of PU with Alloy wheels.

The manufacturing material of this chair is of very high quality there is a thick base with a strong Pneumatic rod for the long life of the chair.

This chair can turn up to 170 degrees. the look of this chair is very stylish with a height adjustment feature.


  • PU coating.
  • Dual-color alloy wheels.
  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • Turn up to 170 degrees.
  • Comfortable.
  • Stylish.
  • Height adjustable

5. Green Soul Gaming Chair- Beast Series

Green Soul-Beast Series gaming chair

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If you are on a budget that will increase slightly compared to buying normal boring computer chairs, then avoid buying.

The inherent nature of the design of the chair is terrible and agrees for extended periods of gaming, it makes some rough commotion at one point when you bend back and forth but again it can avoid many pluses.

This green soul chair has A flexible armrest that is of acceptable quality and feels solid upon change. The color will be completely mixed in your room and there will be a premium on the cost of the arrangement.

You get a back cushion with a seat. The most preferred part of the entire seat is the rear bending capability that resembles a vehicle.

I mean you will be stunned by such a system at this price. you pull a switch, push it back as much as possible, and rest like most vehicle seats.

It is near 180 degrees. The chair is very comfortable, and neck and lumbar help pads are extraordinary for long work hours.

The armrest can be changed by your solace. Truly simple to amass they additionally offer help if you can’t gather yourself This is the best chair accessible in this spending range.


  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Racing car bucket seat
  • Adjustable 3D armrests
  • Neck & head support
  • Thighs & knees support
  • Shoulders & arms support

6. Nokaxus Gaming Chair and Retractible Footrest

Nokaxus Gaming Chair and Retractible Footrest

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Top-notch PU calfskin, the chair is furnished with enormous and delicate handrails whose tallness can be balanced.

Adornments just as SGS Class 3 gauge give protected and smooth seat lifting capacities and the thickened help skeleton ensures the strength of chairs.

It is a gaming chair with a stool and a gaming chair with a massage. comfortable and ergonomically designed;

The item is described by 360 degrees of revolution, flexible stature, retractable ottoman, USB midriff knead pad, customizable abdomen cushion, and head pad.


  • High-quality material.
  • Safe.
  • Fully Functions.
  • Comfortable.

7. Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair

Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair

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This Chair comes from the Enrage and is also one of the best gaming chairs. This is comfortable and the look is very stylish and cool.

This is height adjustable with multi-function. This chair is made from the best quality material for a long life of the chair.


  • Better comfort.
  • Metal base.
  • Dual wheel.
  • Adjustable.
  • Multifunction.
  • Cool look.

8. CELLBELL GC01 Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

CELLBELL GC01 Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

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The CELLBELL Gaming Seat has an ergonomic scheme with flexible stature in the arms and a PU cushion armrest below, you can open it as per your requirements.

The state-of-the-art profile in the gaming seat gives an expert appearance, it further enhances the pleasure of the seating position, the backside of the seat is made of lumbar to reduce abdominal weakness.

The gaming seat features a 360-degree turn to perform multiple tasks comfortably, and its solid performance takes into account portability to run smoothly from one area of the gaming space to another.


  • PERFECT FOR GAMING: CELLBELL Gaming Racing chair is dedicated to making the best gaming chair with a large seat area for pro gamers.
  • ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR: The CELLBELL chair is made of highly durable PU leather with a removable headrest and height adjustment.
  • It has a high backrest which ensures proper alignment and support for your back and neck.
  • ADJUSTABLE FUNCTIONS: Reclining backrest from 90° to 155°. 7cm
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 22 by 29 by 51 to 54 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg.

9. Seat chacha Gaming Chair

Seat chacha Gaming Chair

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Tough casing with high-thickness froth offers brilliant dependability and solace. “The Conqueror” accompanies Premium Mesh and PU Leather, which is profoundly alright with plentiful cushioning.

This gaming chair is a perfect decision for your office, a corporate meeting room, or a Gaming room as it has a Spacious seat and Stylish Appearance — a financial limit, benevolent gaming chair.

“Presently, everybody can possess a gaming chair. The cushioned headrest and windows give wind current and outstanding help to your spine, shoulders, and neck.

More extensive and Thicker Armrests with an Ergonomic shape that empower the user to have extraordinary solace while working or laying the arms on the chair.


  • High-quality material.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Wheels.
  • Best Armrest.

10.  Apex Crusader XII MESH Gaming Chair

Seat chacha Gaming Chair

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APEX CRUSADER XiI is devoted to making the best gaming chair for master gamers. Pick us and improve your gaming experience!

Strong metal edge intended to help advance an agreeable situated position, keeping you comfortable after extended periods of game or work.

The thick cushioned back and seat takes this rotating chair to the following degree of solace. Armrest and seat-stature movable; 90~180°reclining and shaking; 360°swivel; 5-point base worked with rock-solid; Smooth-moving casters; Removable headrest pad and lumbar pad.

great MATERIAL: Smooth PU cowhide, including seat pad, lumbar, and headrest cushions offer added help and solace.

Hardcore base and nylon smooth-moving casters for extraordinary solidness and portability.


  • PU coating.
  • Dual-color alloy wheels.
  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • Turn up to 170 degrees.
  • Comfortable.
  • Stylish.
  • Height adjustable.

Types of Gaming Chairs 

There are different types of gaming chairs available in the market. We make a list of types of gaming chairs and categorize them.

There are generally four types of Gaming chairs.

  • Console Gaming Chairs.
  • Bean bag Gaming Chairs.
  • Racing Gaming Chairs.
  • Computers Chair.
  • Rotating Chair

Console Gaming Chairs

Yes, you think it right, these types of Gaming Chairs are made for Console Gamers. 

The most prevalent kind of comfort gaming chair is the exemplary ‘Rocker.’ Dissimilar to PC gaming chairs, Rocker gaming chairs don’t have platform seats or wheels.

Preferably, they include L-formed seats that sit straightforwardly on your floor.

The name ‘rocker’ originates from the way that the backrest can frequently shake to and fro as you move.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Bean bag chairs are enormous sacks usually loaded up with smooth froth or beds and upholstered in either softened cowhide or microfiber.

However, numerous gamers pick them because of how delicate and agreeable they are and for how they adjust to your body.

Racing Gaming Chairs

Hustling test system seats are propelled perfect quality gaming chairs structured explicitly for dashing games.

They’re commonly joined to a casing or ‘cockpit’ on which you can mount dashing game extras like a wheel, gear sticks, pedals, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Computer Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are especially the prototypical model; they’re what the vast majority consider when they hear the word ‘gaming chair.’

These chairs are intended to sit behind work areas, which makes them a decent decision on the off chance that you play the vast majority of your games on your PC, or need a chair that bends over as an office chair for a workstation.

They regularly comprise of a versatile 5-star wheeled base with a platform seat mounted on top.

They additionally, for the most part, have swivel abilities to enable you to move around uninhibitedly in your work area.

High armrests for wrist support as you use your mouse and console, and an upper back to help your neck and keep you from stress while at the same time taking a gander at your screen.

Benefits of Gaming Chair

There are many benefits of using a gaming chair, especially if you are someone who spends a lot of time playing video games. For one, a gaming chair can help improve your posture and reduce strain on your back and neck.

Additionally, gaming chairs are usually more comfortable than regular chairs, which can help you stay focused and concentrated while you play.

Some gaming chairs even come with features like built-in speakers and vibration, which can further enhance your gaming experience. Ultimately, using a gaming chair can help you enjoy your games more and improve your overall health and well-being.

It is Comfortable

A gaming chair is a chair designed specifically for gamers. Gaming chairs have many benefits that make them essential for any serious gamer.

They are designed to provide comfort and support for long gaming sessions, and they also help to improve posture and reduce strain on the body. Gaming chairs also improve audio and visual gaming experiences by providing a better connection to the game console and providing a more immersive gaming experience.

Attractive Look

As we know people are buying a gaming chair for a long sit for playing the game for a long time.

There are a lot of designs coming in the market and the most common and attractive look is the racing style design.

Many companies are designing racing-style gaming chairs, here we recommend going with the Omega and Titan series,

who is designing the elegant design of racing style design? Now it depends on the user about the cost of a gaming chair.

If you want a more attractive design then you need to do more expenses and if you have less budget then you have to somewhere compromise with the design.

Reduce Back and Neck pain 

This is one of the best advantages of a gaming chair that now users don’t have to worry about neck pain and back pain, as they are quite comfortable chairs for sitting. 

Today, most of the best gaming chairs come with a removable pillow or a headrest,

which provides users with enough rest for their neck and back when they get tired. With the gaming chair, you can keep all types of pain away from you.

As we know an office chair is also a very comfortable option but gaming chairs are a far better option to provide you with proper rest.

Features of Best Gaming Chairs India

The gaming chairs have quite amazing features that we will not get in an office chair at the same price.

It comes with a feature in which the backrest can tilt up to 180 degrees and will provide a lot of relaxation at the time of playing a game. 

Another amazing feature is that a gaming chair comes with lumber support and a head cushion, which are normally not available in an office chair.

I think it will be an amazing choice to buy a gaming chair instead of an office chair. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying for office or gaming.

A user will get all the features in a gaming chair, which are not available in a normal chair.

The amazing thing is that you are getting all these features at a very reasonable price in a gaming chair while you need to spend a lot of money on an office chair to get all these features.  

Portable and Easy to Maintain

It will be quite easier to maintain a gaming chair because you just need to fold it and can place it or store it anywhere easily.

Just because of its folding ability, users can easily take it from one place to another and it will also be easier to clean it. Folding makes this chair a perfect chair.

Ergonomic Chair at a Cheap Price

As we have seen, people are spending a lot of money on buying an ergonomic design chair price because it is quite comfortable.

But there is no need for it, users can get all the features of an ergonomic design in a gaming chair at a very reasonable price. 

Users don’t need to spend too much amount on buying a high-quality chair. Users can search on Google for the price of an ergonomic chair.

An ergonomic chair price is almost rs. 25000 and a gaming chair will be available below rs. 14000 with all the qualities.

So it will be a good choice to have a gaming chair instead of an ergonomic chair..

Better Posture 

If you are using your office chair for a long then it will start painting your neck and back in some time.

So it is necessary to have a better posture while sitting in a chair. Gaming will help you to provide a better posture.

A gaming chair is designed in a way that will keep your spine straight when you sit on the chair.

It comes with a contoured back that provides optimum support to a user. That’s why it will be a great choice to have a gaming chair for better posture.

Huge Choice

As we know that gaming craze is getting increased day by day and that’s why the demand for gaming chairs is also increasing.

So now users have a lot of choices to choose the best chair. Earlier, there was a limited choice but now due to the increase in demand,

companies are manufacturing more gaming chairs. That provides users with a lot of choices for choosing the best gaming chair.

There is a great collection you will be able to see on Amazon at discounted prices. Because of the excess demand for these chairs,

more companies are making this product and putting the market in competition.

That’s why all companies are providing the best rates so that they can sell more items. It is a direct benefit for all the users, as they will get huge discounts.

Proper Blood Circulation

Peoples sits on a chair for a long time and it directly affects the blood circulation of the body.

Poor circulation can create issues in making blood clots and can change body temperature.

But with these gaming chairs, users do have not to face this type of situation because it is well designed.

Before buying a Gaming Chair In India

Spares Space

On the off chance that you have a restricted working zone, make sure to buy a chair that can fit comfortably in the space.

Some gaming chairs can be huge, so be aware of the elements of the chair you need to buy versus the accessible area in your gaming territory.

Try not to buy a gaming chair online that is too large to fit in your office or room.


It is imperative to ensure that you are spending your cash on what is essential, not on highlights that you truly needn’t bother with.

On the off chance that you have a decent encompass music framework, at that point, you needn’t bother with a gaming chair that has pre-introduced sub-woofers and speakers.


Various kinds of gaming chairs are fitted with gaming innovations to help add to your playing experience.

A few chairs have highlights like headrest speakers, thunder capacities, Bluetooth, and headset inputs.

While they are on the whole fun and useful highlights, they can’t top solace about settling on your last decision.


A gaming chair should keep going for quite a while; if it isn’t worked to last, it isn’t fit for regular use.

Guarantee that you watch that excellent quality material has been used to make the chair.

The maker ought to indicate the content of the spread, the cushioning, and whatever other documents have been used.


If you purchase a chair without armrests, you will cause more weight on your shoulders, which will prompt neck torment.

You may likewise begin having wrist torments. A chair that has flexible armrests is the best alternative to work with.

Why you need a Gaming Chair

As I have already mentioned all the benefits of a gaming chair. If you are a professional gamer then you need to spend a lot of time on your PC or laptop,

so it is necessary to have a gaming chair that will relax your body and help you to play for a long time without any hassles. 

Users will get the best experience with a gaming chair, it doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer or not, you can also use it for the general purpose.

It will be a great option if you are spending a lot of time in front of the laptop and also a good option for freelance because they also have a big sitting in front of the laptop.

Which is the best gaming chair available in India

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences. However, some of the best gaming chairs available in India include the DXRacer Formula Series, the Razer Iskur, and the Arozzi Monza. These chairs offer great support and comfort and are adjustable to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Best Site To Buy Gaming Chairs In India.

There are lots of online markets to buy a gaming chair in India but the best you buy from the batter you get, Here are the Two online markets (sites) that are growing fast in India.


Of course, Amazon would be the best and most trustworthy site to buy gaming chairs in India chairs it has tons of products with reasonable prices good returns, and a refund policy.

And when it comes to delivering the product amazon again comes first, amazon provides the products very safe and fully secure with no delivery charge.


As you may already know Flipkart is an Indian online website, that is growing very fast in India.

The main branch of Flipkart is in Karnataka (Bengaluru). lot of people in India buy and sell products through Flipkart.

It is a trusted e-commerce website that also provides the best products to its customers at reasonable prices with a good return and refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. For which age, gaming chairs are available?

Let me clarify all the things that gaming chairs are available for all ages peoples. There are certain gaming chairs,

that are specially designed for kids, and some gaming chairs, that are designed for all people.

The difference will be the height and the height of the chair among Kids and Adults. There is a perfect size and weight written, through which you can buy it for you.

Q. Can a gaming chair improve the game?

The perfect answer is Yes, it will improve your game. A gaming chair has a lot of comfort and a normal chair can make noise sometimes,

which is a bit annoying. But a gaming chair will help you to focus on your game with this comfort.

Q. Is there any risk of getting body pain after using it regularly?

Certainly, there are no chances of getting pain after using a gaming chair regularly. But if a chair is not designed properly then,

It may start muscle pain or back knots after continuous use of it. So here we will recommend not using a gaming chair for a long time.

Q. Does a gaming chair help with posture?

A gaming chair will improve your gaming posture. Users just need to look at the design of the chair,

it is properly designed or good for your health. Today, almost all types of chairs whether it is gaming or office use come with lumbar support and a lumbar pillow. That will help you to improve your posture.

Q. Are there holes in the gaming chair?

Yes, we have also heard that the gaming chair should have some holes at the backside.

It will be beneficial for the users to have some holes at the backside so that there should be proper airflow done in the long sittings. So there should be some holes in a gaming chair. 

Q. Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Chair?

Already you have the answer to this question because have you ever tried to play any game with a normal chair or any else?

If yes then try a gaming chair you will get the answer, but for your information, I will share some benefits of a gaming chair.

The quality of the chair helps you to maintain your body posture with a straight shape, and as you might know,

if you sit on the chair with perfect posture then you will never face back or spine pain, And can enjoy a healthy gaming life as well. 

You must select a model chair with a removable as well as a comfortable pillow, Which helps you to reduce neck pain problems. 

A good quality Gaming chair increases your blood circulation throughout the body, The people who spend most of their time sitting on chairs, it may be good to invest.

Q. What Is The Best Use Of A Gaming Chair?

In the 21st century, majority of people are using gaming chairs for gaming and office use, But many people don’t know about gaming chairs. 

Most of the chair comes with removable cushions and it’s very comfortable for those who are facing neck ache problems. 

it can be used not only for gaming purposes but also as an office chair for your comfort, Mostly chair comes with a tilt mechanism.

This is a perfect feature for those who spend a lot of hours working in the office, gaming, or watching a movie. 

it can be tilted according, Gaming chairs are worth every point of view as they can be used daily base for years without any problems. 

it has cool features that can enhance your gaming experience, Most of the chairs are made of high-quality materials. 

So you can buy them without any problem. And use them for your office, gaming, and other purposes at home.

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